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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black Space

I struggled with what to name this blog, but everything felt wrong until I used my pseudonym as part of the blog name. I debated between Black Hole and Black Space, but I can be kind of spacey, so I went with the Black Space concept. Although, if I get on a rant, which I sometimes do, some of you might want me to shut up, in which case, telling me to shut my Black Hole might be appropriate. 

So, why the pseudonym? I wanted to keep my personal life and my writing life somewhat separate. It's impossible to keep it entirely separate, but having a pseudonym gives me a semblance of anonymity, and I like that. Then came the moment of choosing one, and as many authors do, I looked to my maiden name, Black. Initially, I thought to call myself Colette Noir--the French equivalent of Black. Everyone said it sounded too romance-author, not that romance is bad, and almost all my stories have an element of romance, but I primarily write sci-fi, fantasy, horror. Everyone liked Black, it fits with my writing style, and it moves me back near the top of the alphabet. I love my married name, but whenever anything is in alphabetical order, my mind starts to wander. By the time they call me, they have to say my name two or three times before I wake up and respond. Very embarrassing. 

So, my name is Colette Black. If you want to get to know me better, welcome to the Black Space between my ears. Good luck not getting lost.

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