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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Second Book

I think anyone who is following this blog, if anyone is at this point, knows I'm working on the release of Noble Ark sometime in early 2014. But don't you hate it when an author comes out with a debut book and then you have to wait 1,2,3 YEARS for the sequel. This post is to let everyone know, you won't have to wait that long. Not even close. Because...the second book is already finished. I'm getting it back from the last of my critique readers this week and will begin editing. Now, that's my editing, not final product editing. In order for a book to truly be polished, it has to go through a professional editor. Many self-publishing authors skip this step, which is one of the reasons many self-published novels don't read as well as those done by publishing companies.

And by the way, the reaction to Desolation has been even better than the positive reactions I received about Noble Ark. You're going to love it.

So, by the time Noble Ark releases to the public, after what I'm sure will be a fabulous Kickstarter campaign, Desolation will be ready to go to press. If I can manage the funds myself, I'll release it on the heels of Noble Ark, within 3 months. If I have to do another Kickstarter then it will be closer to six months. By then, the third book will be finished and going through editing (assuming we can get our house sold soon and get out of the moving process ;).

To keep everyone informed, I'm going to stop writing this post now, so I can spend some time trying to figure out how to put up a progress bar on my webpage. That way, you can always know where I am on each book, and what other books I've written that may be forthcoming.  I'm not the most tech savvy, so wish me luck!

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