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Saturday, September 20, 2014

SLC Comicon in 22,000 words (more or less)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's what I have to say about SLC Comicon:
Our first encounter of the cool kind
 as we were leaving the parking lot.

Most awesome guitar EVER!
We found Middle-Earth...

where Smaug opened and closed his menacing eyes

Hobbits roamed the land,
And great orcs terrorized the populace.

In the upcoming theme park, Evermore...

Morbid ladies towered above
 the participants.
We fell into the clutches of Osiris...

Someone wouldn't stop thinking of the
Stay-puff marshmallow man. 

Cthulhu wandered in our midst.

Minions overran the walkways.
Studio C made us laugh.
And gods rained down with thunder...or just some flickering lights.

Iron Man was there to save the day...

...from the mass numbers of purple
unicorns in person...

...and in print.
(We sold enough copies to fund a scholarship to
Superstars Writing Seminars. If you're interested,
applications will be accepted soon at:
Even Wonder Woman and Batman were there to save the day.
Friday evening, my daughter and I enjoyed an interesting dinner
with James A. Owen, Heidi Berthiaume, Brian Scott.
Helping in the Coppervale booth, and Wordfire Press satellite
booth was a fantastic experience.

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