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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Short Shout-out

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. I spent the day with my family, thankful to live in a free, thriving country. If you question that second part  then I suggest you visit a third-world country, or one run by a dictator. We have our problems, but we're still relatively free to do with our lives as we please, to strive for opportunities and make of ourselves what we wish.

As far as I know, no one in my ancestry served in the armed forces. My dad was recruited for the Vietnam War then turned away because of a funky metal plate he'd had in his chest since he was a child. And yet, I'd always been raised to respect the men who have fought for our country and our freedoms. I was raised in the 70's, so I wasn't raised to respect the women who fight for our country, but I equally appreciate their work and sacrifice.

I don't want to go on and on today, but in the month of Thanksgiving and veterans, I just want to raise a civilian salute to all who have served and do currently serve. I have friends among those ranks, and thanks to my nephew's enlistment last year, I have kin among the few, the proud, the marines. Thank you for your service.

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