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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Blessing and a Curse

We're two weeks into our Kickstarter for Noble Ark and everything is going nothing like I'd expected.

A number of contributors have donated funds without asking for rewards. That is such a blessing. I'm getting closer to the goal, and I'll have extra funds to put toward publishing the next book. I've sworn that every penny would go to publishing and I mean it, so nothing goes into my pocket.

The curse part: it means I overshot the amount I need. I'm preparing a financial report to put on the Kickstarter page and it will show that I actually need a lot less money than I'm raising funds for. If I could change my goal, I would, but Kickstarter doesn't allow it. So, I really only need about $600 more to publish Noble Ark, but if I don't raise the full $1200 then I get nothing.

The solution: full disclosure to the participants and an extended publishing plan that includes the second book.  And hope.

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