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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Plateau

Plateaus happen. When you're trying to lose weight (something that has been part of my life since childhood), there are plateaus. When you're trying to learn a new skill, like writing amazing fiction, there are plateaus...a lot of them, by the way. And in my ongoing Kickstarter, there are plateaus.

Because of some amazing contributions, the Noble Ark Kickstarter reached 60% funding in less than a week. That's incredible! And then it plateaued. That's depressing. But understandable. Plateaus happen. I reached all the people who were going to immediately jump behind me and give me full support, and now I have to work for the rest. Sounds a lot like losing weight, huh?

So, as I'm kicking myself to get going again today, I encourage you to keep going toward your goals. Don't let the plateaus get you down or even slow you down. A plateau is the level bit before the next drop or rise. As long as we keep working, we'll attain the goal. As the upcoming holiday season reminds us (and yes, I'm already listening to Christmas music), just believe.

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