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Monday, October 7, 2013

You Can Never Please Everyone...So Just Move On Already!

Last week I talked about the necessity of waiting, but today it's all about moving on. I also mentioned the video for Kickstarter that we could talk about another time. Well, it's another time.

For the Kickstarter video, I thought it would be fun to put together a HISHE-style video about how I started writing, which is when my work on Noble Ark began.When my daughter saw it, the look of fear and revulsion told me what she thought before I could ask. It was cute, but it was also horrible.

Scene 2:  My daughter is a make-up guru so she helped me get ready and I performed a scripted monologue. I set up the camera for nice lighting, practiced (and performed) a hundred times and then packed it all up. Done!


Looked at it later. The way I'd done my hair made me look ten years older, the background was dull and washed me out, and I didn't have to ask anyone. It didn't work.

Scene 3: Different outfit, hair done nice, bookshelves as a backdrop. Everything went well, but when I looked at it later. Plain boring.

We continued on like that. I started getting people's opinions. Most of the feedback was positive, but some wasn't. We worked at it some more. I asked for more opinions. Most of the feedback was positive, but some wasn't. Repeat. Repeat.  (You get the idea)

The thing is, if I don't get 100% Love-Its on my writing, which I've spent thousands of hours studying and practicing and which I love, why would I expect to get that response on something I'm a novice at and have little interest in. With that realization, I hit the SEND button, placing the Kickstarter, and the  conglomerate video, into the review pile at Kickstarters.

The point: there's a time to wait while you get everything in order and there's a time to close your eyes and jump in. Never hesitate to the point of paralysis. I almost did, but comfortable with my face or not, with my daughter as my biggest fan, and a poor HISHE-style video, this Kickstarter tells the story and presents the possibilities. People will look beyond the flaws and see the book's potential or they won't. I'll continue moving forward.

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