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Monday, March 3, 2014

Exactly what I expected

My anthology became available on Kindle exactly on time: March 1st. Between figuring out the graphics and the formatting, I barely made my self-inflicted due date. Of course, it released with an error in the description and my illustrator appears as the author, but I expected that. Not exactly that, but something like it, which is why I put out my anthology before my novel. See, it's my practice run. I knew I would make mistakes, in formatting, in printing, and throughout the whole process. I did the anthology first, so I can learn from my mistakes, and I hope the release of my novel will go forward without any glitches. It won't.

Before I went into this publishing adventure, there was one thing I was absolutely sure about--it would be harder than I expected. Like I predicted, it has been, and since I expected that, it's actually been exactly what I expected. When I feel like pulling all my hair out and screaming, I remember, I knew it would be like this before I went in. I just have to grit my teeth, do more research, and figure out how to fix the problems.

I think if I approached more of my life in that manner, I'd probably have a lot less frustration. Moving has been harder than expected, raising kids, the list goes on. But don't we all figure out at one point that life is going to be a bit harder than expected? So, let's just buck up, remember to smell the roses, and ease off on the frustration. So, it's hard. It's not like we expected anything less. Keep smiling, world! :)

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